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      Travel consultation

      Latest update: - Authors: Mieke Croughs, Ula Maniewski

      During a travel consultation, the consultant examines together with you the best way to protect yourself against diseases prevalent at your destination. This takes into account your current state of health, your living conditions and the nature of the trip. The measures suggested can consist of vaccinations, preventive medication or emergency treatment to take with you. In travel clinics, the vaccins are often given immediately. Sometimes more appointments are necessary. Take a look at the advice and obligations for your destination

      When should you make an appointment?

      In general, we advise making an appointment at least six to eight weeks before your departure date. Please take into account that May to August are the busiest months for the travel clinics, and there are long waiting lists for appointments. If you already know your travel destination for the summer, it is better to make an early appointment. Travellers with reduced immunity should make an appointment preferably four months in advance.

      Travellers with a chronic condition

      Travellers with immune disorders should preferably book their appointment four months before departure.
      This applies, for example, to travellers with: 

      • hiv
      • after organ or bone marrow transplant.
      • cancer treatment less than 3 months ago.
      • taking immunosuppressive medication ( cortisone medication, methotrexate (Ledertrexate®), anti-TNF medication e.g. Humira® …)


      You can make an appointment with your GP or at a travel clinic. Sometimes your GP will refer you to a travel clinic.

      What should you bring along?

      Always bring your ID with you and your vaccination book if you have one. If you have to take medication, it is best to bring along a list of the names.

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