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New coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak started in Wuhan, China, but has now grown into a pandemic with global outbreaks. As a result, the Belgian federal government prohibits.

Check the current level of public safety and corresponding travel advice for this destination on the website of the federal government.

This page contains the main health risks for travellers and general recommendations. Travel conditions are different for everyone and each patient's health condition varies. Discuss your trip during a travel consultation with your doctor or in a travel clinic, preferably six to eight weeks before departure.

Inform yourself about the current security situation in this country and the travel advice of the federal government.

Health risks


In the entire country there is a significant malaria risk. We recommend the use of mosquito-repellent measures from dusk till morning, in combination with the use of malaria tablets. In case of fever during or after your journey, get tested for malaria as soon as possible.

Other mosquito-borne diseases

There is a risk of dengue and chikungunya.


Hepatitis A


Hepatitis A vaccination is recommended for all travellers.

Update of basic vaccinations




A single booster of polio vaccination is recommended for all travellers to Asia or Africa aged 16 years or older.

Other vaccinations

Recommended for some travelers

Discuss with your doctor whether one of the following vaccinations is recommended for you:

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