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      In memoriam: Mieke Croughs

      Latest update:

      At the top of every page you visit on Wanda, you’ll see Mieke Croughs listed as the first author. Mieke was the driving force behind the complete renewal of ITM's travel health website, culminating in the Wanda website you are visiting today.

      Wanda could only be brought to a successful conclusion by a close-knit team. And as in any close-knit team, you need a heart that motivates and stays the course. And that heart was you, Mieke.

      Your life's work, primarily your family and (grand)children, but also all your professional accomplishments like Wanda, were your joy in life. Wanda will help travelers prevent illnesses and accidents far into the future, thus realising your dream of improved travel health prevention. Many generations of healthcare professionals will continue to be captivated by Wanda and the travel health course that you initiated with the same team.

      Mieke, we are immensely grateful to you for the years we were able to spend together. The name Wanda is a derivative of the English word 'Wanderlust', and you have now embarked on your final journey, in which you will never be forgotten.

      The Wanda Team

      Mieke Croughs
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